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Saturday, May 14th, 2011– HACKBERRY FLAT DAY 9 am – 3 pm

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Return of the Wetlands - Hackberry Flat

To movie goers, this famous phrase inspired a dreamer to create a refuge for the restless ghosts of baseball's golden age. For those who remember the massive flocks of waterfowl that once winged across the skies of southwest Oklahoma's Tillman County, it has inspired visionaries to restore one of the state's most glorious natural treasures.

That treasure is Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area, a 7,120-acre wildlife oasis located southeast of Frederick. With the generous help of many partners, the Oklahoma
Department of Wildlife Conservation has restored the legendary wetland to provide refuge for the restless wings of the prairie's waterfowl and recreation for people craving the outdoors.

Whether you want to enjoy the solitude offered by a fiery sunrise over shimmering wetlands or have your heart race with the anticipation of thousands of doves descending on a sunflower field, Hackberry Flat can satisfy your desires. After one visit, you'll be thankful to be blessed by such a place.

Visiting Hackberry Flat

With restoration complete, the Department now manages the area to provide opportunities for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. Individual wetland units will be seasonally flooded, providing both migrating and resident wildlife with prime habitat. Most of the area will be open to public hunting, while some portions will be designated as refuge areas available for birdwatching and educational uses. Already nationally recognized for its outstanding hunting and birdwatching, Hackberry has something to offer both user groups.

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How does the new license requirement affect visitors to Hackberry Flat WMA?

At Hackberry Flat WMA, walking the nature trail below the Hackberry Flat Center and enjoying the rest of Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area DOES require a valid hunting or fishing license or the conservation passport for each person unless exempt under the normal license exemptions. However, visitors that stop at the Hackberry Flat Center to use the facilities or get information from the message boards are exempt from this license requirement. Additionally, participants that attend programs and events such as the Saturday programs, Hackberry Flat Day and school field trips that take place at the Center are exempt from this requirement. This conservation passport is valid for all other Department -owned lands not just for Hackberry Flat WMA, such as Gist Wildlife Management Area.

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For More Information
Hackberry Flat Area Manager 580/335-5262
(Kelvin Schoonover)
Wildlife Department's Southwest Office 580/529-2795
Frederick Chamber of Commerce 580/335-2126

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